Pavilion- Follies of Youth Project


Pilot Light EXCHANGE

10th-16th August

Researchers from the Pavilion‘s Follies of Youth project with collaborate in the building of a lime kiln at The Good Hatchery.

Pilot Light Exchange is an exploration of the substance of landscape with a particular focus on Limestone, as a medium for understanding the historical perception of land in the 18th century and the origins of today’s global industrial age.

Limestone is one of the most common geological substances on earth roughly 50% of Britain and Ireland is underlain by limestone.The stone is formed from the remains of shells and bones of millions of tiny sea creatures condensed at high pressure over millennia.

Lime CaO is a binder that is responsible for holding our bones, teeth and the shells of creatures together. When Limestone is burnt at high temperatures carbon dioxide is burnt off and what remains is the lime or the sticky stuff. Lime has various uses from farm fertiliser, water treatment, sugar refining but most commonly; building in the form of concrete and mortar.

Pilot Light Exchange will see researchers from Leeds and the 18th century Bryam landscape, come to the Clonearl Demense in Co. Offaly. In collaboration with artists from The Good Hatchery the group will collectively build and operate a small scale limekiln for the production of lime.








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